How Woman in the family can contribute?

Total No. of IFA’s till August 2018: 1.16 lacs
Total No. of Insurance Agent: 11.48 lacs

Today, inclusion is key in every other aspect of life, and the sooner we recognize the value women add to our understanding of the economy, the better we will be, at coming up with unique ways in tackling the same on a micro economic level every day.

By taking a more active role, women will gain more clarity, confidence and control of their lives. To do so, women need to learn as much as possible about money. Women must learn to budget, prioritize, invest for retirement, protect themselves and their families and get financial educations.

Today’s talk I will restrict myself to a community called IFA’s. Are they involving their wives, daughters in the daily activities of the business? Are they discussing the importance of financial freedom, the way they convince the client. I feel that it is important to involve them as they run the household with proper planning and they have the caliber to understand financial planning.

I am suggesting the following important points especially for the wife’s of IFA’s which can be guide to their financial freedom:

1) Start going to office at least 2 hours a day and draw salary for the contribution you do. Start investing a part you’re earning in SIP.

2) Learn and Upgrade yourself on Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet and Net worth.

3) Learn to design your own financial planning.

4) Ensure that you know where husband has invested the money, who is the nominee, whether a will is drafted for the entire asset, have the husband has done proper insurance, mediclaim for the family.

5) Learn and improve your own family portfolio

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength” – G.D. Anderson. The quote speaks a lot about the reality  of the concept of feminism.

It also speaks about the changing roles from a puppet to financial planners, from home makers to home financers and ultimately to financial advisor. Women, who were once seen only as a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a home maker are now seen as an individual who are not only home makers but also home financers.




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