Empowering women with financial literacy not only helps them to become financially independent but also equips them to handle life’s difficult situations. Women can contribute to the financial well-being of their immediate family, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their husbands in contributing to family income, save and understand the intricate process of investments and help their next generation in becoming better citizens; not to mention their contribution to nation development. It is with this thought in mind that the idea of Freedom Foundation took root. Apart from the women folk, there are other under-privileged sections of the society that also needs financial literacy. Freedom Foundation is an NGO set-up with the aim of imparting financial literacy to the community of people across age and gender, especially women. As one of the Founder and Managing Trustee, my vision for the NGO is to take it far to the doorstep of the less privileged sections of the society and impart financial education, empower them – and thus build a knowledgeable India