Review by: Mr Akhil Chaturvedi

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“I have grown up seeing my Mother manage our household finances which included both ‘expenses’ and ‘investments’. When I grew up and understood finance, the first thing I figured out that all my mother had saved was basically our Home (where we stayed), recurring deposits (where the interest were going down perpetually) and Gold (which was also in ornaments). I could understand that in their time, it was all about preserving the wealth rather than augmenting it through conventional investment options, so much so that my mother had not protected herself from the ‘RISK’ of loss of income by insuring my father appropriately including health insurance. From behavior perspective, I can understand that these decisions or rather indecisions were due to their insecurities, lack of awareness of alternate investment options and understanding how inflation was not adding to their purchasing power for future. The issue is that till date larger population of women in our country are still unaware or not equipped to make prudent investment decisions for their future wellbeing and security. I still see that fixed deposits and gold are considered as safe investment options which would give them protection for sure but not enhance their purchasing power for future. Investor awareness for women is very very important, and I am happy that through this book Alpa is trying to provide entire gamut of understanding to manage finances more appropriately and helping women ensure a much better and secure future for themselves. At the end, I would conclude by saying ‘save well’, ‘invest well’, ‘insure well’ and also ‘spend’ well after having done the former three of course. My best wishes to Alpa for this book and wish her all the success in life.” |

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