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“Lakshmi, stree, mother, wife ,naari, lady, Mrs, are all various names for what I understand is at the core – the female energy. Female energy gives rise & birth to all-round progress, be it in the society or in the household. We all originated from female energies. Worldwide female energies are worshipped in various forms. In India, as Devis.

Money, an indicator of progress is a form of female energy & who better than the female energy of the household itself to understand its frequency better & take complete charge of it, manage it and multiply its effect.

Am very happy that my dear friend Alpa, one of the most vibrant female energies present in my life has penned down “Every Woman Should Invest” for the benefit of women in our society & reminding us once again the importance of balance between male energies & female energies in the world around us.

It’s a must read for not only all women, but most importantly all men & once again acknowledge the importance of women (female energy contribution) in our society.”|

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