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“I pen below a few points that come to my mind when I think of women and investing –
Women need to be more involved in investments because
– At 85 years and older, there be twice as many women than men
– On average women will outlive their husbands by 15 years
– Over the next 40 years women will inherit over 70% of global estate
Thus you can run away from the subject for now but will eventually have manage your finances, so better learn now.
Savers versus investors
Women are great savers; they all find their holes in which they squirrel away monies for future use or safety. However what they miss is that the same monies invested rather than hidden away will generate lasting well-being. Demonetization caught more women off guard on their hidden savings that it did for persons with undisclosed income.
Women create the emotional balance in the world. The higher emotional quotient allows them to be more goal oriented in the approach to investments, versus men who tend to weigh investments for returns rather than objectives.
Alpa has explained all of this in simple language!” |
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