Review by: Mr. Ved Prakash Chaturvedi

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“In many cultures, the advent of a lady in the family whether it is by birth or through marriage is seen as the auspicious arrival of the goddess of wealth. ‘Lakshmi Ghar Me AaaGayi’ is what one hears on these occasions. However while the culture accords great respect and empowerment to our women in the matter of finances, the fact of the matter is that awareness, influence and final decision making on important financial matters is often not in their domain. In fact often matters of finance are thought to be very complex and difficult to comprehend especially by those women who are not very financially literate. There was hence a crying need for a book which dispels the myth that day to day finance is complex. A book which explains in simple terms matters relating to saving of money, protection of money and enhancement of the savings. A book was needed which helps in building self confidence among women who can then use these tools to empower their financial lifecycle.
The book Every woman should Invest is a great effort towards helping women understand the need for financial literacy, to help them understand how to save, protect their savings and enhance their savings to meet their lifetime needs. The author has been a successful practitioner of encouraging financial savings; protecting financial savings and helping a large number of people enhance their financial savings in her professional career. So the words in this book come out of the pen of someone who knows what works in real life and what does not. What stands out is the deep understanding of nuances of financial instruments and opportunities in the Indian marketplace as well as the simplicity with which this is explained. The book covers the entire gamut of concepts, learnings and tools that a woman may require as she navigates money matters. This makes the book relevant to a cross section of people – for women who wish to enhance their financial wherewithal and for men who wish to empower the women in their lives.”

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