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The book – Every Woman Should Invest has divine intention of imparting financial independence and success for individual household. The topics covered in the book are of utmost importance for financial growth through channelizing savings into investments. The author, Ms. Alpa Shah, has proficiency in concepts related to investments and has incredible ability to present them in lively and simple manner. I have attended couple of her sessions and the way she presents complicated concepts of finance and investments is commendable. In this book She has covered almost all concepts that encompass a common individual from the perspective of learning and understanding finance. The book creates interest to learn more and delivers learning’s in the language a non-technical person can comprehend and then implement the same in their lives. The best part of the book is that it covers all aspects from savings, investments, managing day to day requirements, managing risk, planning for financial goals, planning for estate management in addition to complicated but important concepts like inflation and compounding. Every Woman Should Invest is a complete book which encompasses all concepts that are required by an individual to lead a better and financially independent life. The author believes, and rightly so, that all individuals must spend time on learning investments to best utilize their hard earned money, for which they start working (studying) from very early stage of their lives. Every Woman Should Invest is a book which I would like to see with every housewife for a better tomorrow. |

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