Wellness Program for Women Engaged in Prostitution

There is a section of women in our country who face issues like #illiteracy,#domestic #violence, #forced #marriages, #unemployment, poor #healthconditions, #marginalization & #discrimination. Working for #women#empowerment has been always close to my heart. Quite a few sessions for maids, women taxi drivers, Mahila Bachat Gats, women from slums are conducted by me in the past.

Recently I happened to read an article on issues faced by a major section of women population of my city. These women practice prostitution. Debating about their practice whether ethical or unethical was no more my concern. There current issues make me think about their future. WHAT NEXT….When they Cross 40 years of age? These women deal with #illiteracy, doing odd jobs for themselves and their children. They are single mothers.

To treat someone as mere object is to fail to respect their worth as #human#being. Hence, I decided to conduct this session.

 I decided to contribute in my own small way to give them some peace, help them understand how “#savings now” will help them secure there future.
I decided to #EMPOWER these #WOMEN. Conducting this session in association with Rotary Club of Mumbai Green City.

To know more email us at empower@alpashah.in

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